Avoid higher rates — avoid unsuitable products and terms — don’t be part of the masses!

Mortgage coming up for renewal… Don’t be too hasty in just signing the form and sending it back to the lender. Over 90% of mortgage holders do just that, and the usual result is — a higher rate and a mortgage product that might not be best suited to their interests. Let us do all the work for you — we will find you the best possible rate and product to suit your interests. Click here to sign up for our Mortgage Renewal Registry.

You want to renew/switch your mortgage to another lender who will most often give you a better rate. Most lenders now offer “no cost or low cost switches” and it’s a smart way to reduce your interest costs. We can take care of all the details for you and help you negotiate with your existing lender or find a new lender who will give you very competitive rates. Get me working for you today.

Take advantage of our renewal registry! Register now and I will guarantee you the best rate 120 days prior to your renewal. You can register up to four years in advance – just fill out the form below.

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